Active Life LTD

Video, Promo, Motion-graphics

This project was for a series of videos for a regional gym chain to help promote different classes and gym services. This was a great project because I was able to cover so many different sessions and this enabled me to give each subsequent video a different spin. This video is a mashup of several different videos that were used for general release and to help promote the gyms in question.  

    To capture the necessary shots for all the sessions I had to enlist the help of a second cameraman as many of the sessions overlapped. Prior to shooting a had several meetings with the client to ascertain their needs and to work out the necessary timings for the shooting schedule. Once this was all nailed down I met with my cameraman to brief him on what my own expectations were and lay out the shooting schedule. 

Where we were able both cameras covered the same session to maximise our effective time and when necessary we shot separately to maximise our coverage. All the footage was shot on DSLR using camera-mounted mics to capture audio. 

    I edited all the footage myself using Premiere Pro and Audition to form the main edit with After Effects being heavily used in this project to form show pieces within the edit to help to sell the individual classes and maximise the appeal.