Andy Clarke


Andy Clarke from came to me looking for help creating video tutorial content for general release and to fulfil several contracts for Andy is an experienced art director and has worked at an international level for years and working with someone who has his creative vision was a blast.   

    Andy’s experience, however, did not extend to video production and whilst his content was strong it needed a professional touch when it came to production and video editing. I helped advise Andy as to how we might present the content. I reshot the video that he had attempted previously, using a complex setup that included set dressing and lighting, the use of an autocue, and a multi-camera set-up.

The edit was complex with multiple episodes, each needing personalised and highly stylised content creating for it that in turn needed animating, whilst retaining consistent branding across the series. The project was edited in Premiere Pro with Photoshop being used for asset generation.