Armageddon-celeb event cover

Video, Events, Motion-graphics, Promo

I had been working with a gym chain based in the south-east on several videos when I got this opportunity. The event they needed coverage for was an Armageddon gym session hosted by Richard Callender (at the time he was on Britain's biggest loser). The event was a blast and it was really great to work with a professional who is used to being on camera.

    Due to the size of the event, this session called for a multi-camera setup. Prior to the session, I met with my client to ascertain what they wanted from the shoot. This help pin down the timings for the shooting schedule allowing both cameras to effectively cover everything needed.

The cameras were split between coverage of the session and following our talent, Richard Callender who proved to a massive asset as he understood how to behave for the camera whilst working the crown. Everything was shot on DSLR and I edited the footage using Premiere Pro and Audition with After Effects being used to create the various graphical assets used in the video.