Galt Toys

Video, Motion-graphics,

I was brought on because James Galt had no experience with video production in house and they wanted to be able to develop a series of videos that better showed off their strong product range. When I joined the company, they had no equipment for video production. I began by procuring the appropriate equipment to outfit a studio. I then worked very closely with the heads of design and product development to outline a clear plan for the videos and brand message that would be employed going forward.

    I have worked across the whole range of Galt’s products, for each range of products I figure out a style to use going forward. This usually involves creating a custom motion graphic for the range logo, as well as range specific callouts.

    First years featured working with actors and models, both child and adult. The range was tackled mainly through video with motion graphics elements.

    Marble Run was tackled mainly through video with motion graphics elements. The range needed to combine a fast pace that retained clarity to show the product to the accepted degree.

    Jumbo was a very quick turnaround for a new product launch that employed 4K video with motion graphics.

    The Cutty Sark by Constructo was for a high-value model ship with an incredible amount of detail. The project was using high frame rates and precision camera movements including sliders to capture all the detail.

video and motion graphics designer, photography, professional videographer