Wedding coverage

Video, Events

I will have a number of consultations with my clients prior to their big day to ascertain what their needs are and what approach they would like me to go for. Some couples for example like me to take a more active role in directing them whilst others prefer a much more hands-off approach where I simply follow them through their day.
    I shoot on DSLR using primarily prime lenses and I use both external and in-camera sound recording. I edit in Premiere Pro using Audition for my sound editing with After Effects being used sparingly to bring added flare where needed. 

I have been lucky enough to have had the privilege to capture several weddings in different parts of the country. These are usually through recommendations but I do occasionally self-promote at wedding fairs. They are among my favourite events to cover as they naturally lend themselves to cinematic moments.

    I usually provide video coverage and often work alongside a photographer to capture the event. I have also on occasion provided photography.