Fortis TKD

Video, Motion-graphics, Promo

I have experience with social media content creation so was brought onto the project to advise and then produce content for social media. The project involved liaising with the project owner so they could commission appropriate artwork and voiceover for translation into motion graphics to promote a new business.


One of my first tasks on this project was advising on appropriate video lengths and aspect ratios based upon what the project lead was looking to achieve. Once this was nailed down, I adjusted the files supplied by the illustrator so that I could translate the artwork into the desired product. The videos were produced in multiple aspect ratios and at a variety of durations to accommodate the different social platforms which included all the main social media channels

including YouTube.

The project had an added level of difficulty, as it was intended for a Romanian audience, luckily this was not an issue, as I am used to reading audio waveforms, so was able to work with the voice actress’ audio files without issue.


This initial video is part of a larger release schedule, which will include as a minimum 12 releases. I suggested this to the project owner so they are able to continually promote and maintain the business’ online presence.