Galt Toys



 The first range that I tackled was for a classic retro line called Ambi Toys which needed a strong marketing push because many of the large brands which stock the product line requested high-quality video content. I first worked out how I would treat the range of products as a whole so as to make sure that once complete the range formed a complementary collection. The chosen style employed a lot of motion graphics and animation. As part of this, I developed animated versions of the logos and assets to be used on this and future projects.

    With each product I developed the concept to be used, favoring a simple story of play and exploration. I presented this through storyboards and then through rough drafts to the head of design, and then at later stages, a final presentation being held with the directors and managing director for final approval. The content provided a 7% increase in sales and conversion when employed on Amazon vs the same products without A+ video content.

video and motion graphics designer, photography, professional videographer