James Galt Toys

Video, Motion graphics, Design, Animation

James Galt employed me to fill a key role within their design department. I was brought on because they had no experience with video production in house and they wanted to be able to develop a series of videos that better showed off their strong product range.

    When I joined the company they had no equipment for video production. I began by procuring the appropriate equipment to outfit a studio, and then the subsequent installation and testing needed for each piece.  

    I then worked very closely with the heads of design and product development to outline a clear plan for the videos and brand message that would be employed going forward.

    The first range that I tackled was for a classic retro line called Ambi Toys which needed a strong marketing push because many of the large brands which stock the product line requested high-quality video content.

I first worked out how I would treat the range of products as a whole so as to make sure that once complete the range formed a complementary collection. As part of this, I developed animated versions of the logos and assets to be used on this and future projects.

    With each product I developed the concept to be used, usually telling a simple story of play and exploration. I presented this through storyboards and then through rough drafts to the head of design, and then at later stages, I presented my drafts and rough cuts to the senior management team with a final presentation being held with the directors and managing director for final approval.   

The Max pull along dog project was a challenging piece in a number of ways. with some of the product range, I have been able to use green screen techniques or in others rotoscoping to isolate my subject. Due to the nature of this project, this was not possible and I used manual masking to achieve the desired look. 

    Once I had isolated the subject, I superimposed the background paying careful attention to the perspective in the shot to make sure that the merger was as seamless as possible.

    The final and most difficult to achieve was the animation of the ball. This was an interesting challenge as the ball had to interact with the scene so as to become part of it. To achieve this, I used a combination of shading and shadows both on the ball and in the scene combined with distorting the ball to highlight the interaction of the ball with the element in the scene. Finally, I use manual line animation to add further character to the ball and the scene.

    The footage was shot using a Canon EOS R at 24fps and was edited in After Effects, with the sound design being done using a combination of Audition and Premiere Pro.

video and motion graphics designer, photography, professional videographer