John Wright Surveyor

UX, Design, Prototyping, Wireframes

In terms of my workflow, I almost always begin on paper then once I have laid the foundations I switch to Artboards in Photoshop using it to create my low-res wireframes and then high-res versions as I move through various iterations and continue to develop the site.

    With each iteration, I will update my prototype, in this case, Invision so I am able to get continuous feedback from my Client and other testers. For projects of this complexity, I will hand the project over to a developer once the designs are finished. In this case, I was working with the company who run my client's current site.

John Wright is an independent surveyor based in Cheshire. He has been doing his job for almost 40 years so to say that he is experienced is an understatement. Unfortunately, his website was not representative of his quality of work. When John came to me and asked my advice on his website I jumped at the chance to help him because there was so much that I could do to give him a much more responsive design. The site was a very old design, having been last updated about 10-12 years ago and unfortunately, the site predated flexible design meaning that any potential clients accessing via mobile or tablet were presented with a confusing and difficult experience.

    My first step was to simplify the site, stripping back the mass of pages and menus and redesigning with a simple and clean aesthetic. Once the general aesthetic was established and page content was nailed down I switched my focus to the mobile versions. I had chosen to work this way as my client was not familiar with mobile design so wanted to get the aesthetic pinned down before working on the full site.