Nonnington Court LTD

UX, Web, Prototyping

This Project was one that came about through the work I was doing as a member of the board of directors for a housing association where I was living at the time.  One of the first things that became apparent was that all of the directors were dedicated individuals but our ability to communicate effectively with the residents was a bottleneck that needed to be solved.

    I presented a number of solutions including a quarterly newsletter and a website. Both solutions that would aid us in the dissemination of information to the broadest possible audience. I first start with a client meeting, in this case with the other directors and the managing agent, which begins with a brainstorm that can be seen here. Prior to this discussion, I will conduct initial research on other similar sites and find examples that I can use to inform my clients as to some possibilities.

This allows me to present ideas and possible solutions to the client at an early stage. This research further helps me with my design decisions such as site structure, key features and the aesthetic.

    I will then put together some low-res wireframes that are then put into a prototype program such as Invision. This allows me to test concepts and to present my prototype to my client. From here I will create my high-res assets again prototyping in Invision before creating the site. The site allows a place where residents could view what's going on around the site, find contact information and access the Facebook page that the residents use. Producing the site was my way of giving back to a community that was had been open, warm and welcoming and was a real pleasure to do.